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Welcome to Enterprise PLUS - A school within a School.

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Enterprise PLUS

EHS PLUS High School is a new alternative education option in the Shasta Union High School District.  It is a ďschool within a schoolĒ format designed for part-time credit recovery without having to transfer students away from their home campus. The goal of Enterprise Plus is to provide social structure and educational interventions through small group and individualized instruction. We also collaborate with the comprehensive high school to assist students in working towards the goal of graduating and pursuing post-secondary educational and vocational options.

Students are encouraged to remain involved in Enterprise High activities and sports, as well as maintain relationships with peers.

Students who are successful in Plus, and meet all graduation requirements, may participate in the graduation ceremony and they will receive a diploma from Enterprise High School.

Structure of EHS PLUS

Students have the opportunity to earn ten additional credits by being in Plus because we fit four core subjects in a three-period block. English, Social Science (US History, American Government and Economics), Science (Biology or Physical Science) and Math (Geometry, Algebra 1,1A or 1B, or Consumer Math).

If students have previously FAILED the class, they will earn credit at a rate of 12:1. If a course they are taking is INITIAL credit, they earn at a rate of 16:1.

Credit Recovery Information

In addition to maintaining a course-load for the school year, EHS Plus students will also need to utilize other avenues to recover credits. These credits may be earned from any of the following:

  • Anytime School: Offered throughout the school year. Students can pick up and return applications to the main office. They will be notified when a course they need is beginning.
  • Summer School
  • Outside Work Experience (must be 16 and maintain 2.0 GPA)
  • BYU Courses: an online program (www.elearn.byu.edu)
  • Shasta College (3 college units = 10 high school credits); student must have concurrent enrollment form signed
  • Concurrent Enrollment in Shasta Adult School (Textbook or Plato): Students and parents must sign master agreement each semester to participate.
  • Plato or Textbook students meet weekly on Wednesdays during lunch or from 2:30-3:30 in the computer lab, room 52.
    • Students should average 1 credit per week
    • To access your studentís Plato account, please contact Patti Linn @ plinn@suhsd.net or 245-2626
    • Textbook students meet each week with Patti in Room 52 at EHS.
    • Students can be dropped from Plato or Textbook program for lack of progress and will have to wait until the beginning of next semester to re-enroll.

Grading Periods

There are six-week sessions throughout the year. Our goal is to involve and notify parents sooner rather than later in order to help the studentís progress throughout the year. Progress reports are sent home every three weeks. Report cards are mailed every six weeks; courses will also post to the transcript.

Students should earn variable credit each session. In order to earn credit, students must have seat time (attending regularly) and must be producing work. EHS Plus uses a positive attendance system which means it is monitored on an hourly basis. Students also need to attend regularly to earn all credits. If a student has excessive absences, we will have a SST (Student Study Team Meeting) and he/she may be referred to SARB (Student Attendance Review Board).

If your student is not in school, please call to verify their attendance with the Attendance Office: 225-8443. As a courtesy, you may also contact Plus at 510-4247.